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Can I Travel To Puerto Rico? Here’s What You Need To Know

Updated November 20, 2022

For travelers wondering “can I travel to Puerto Rico,” we have some good news! You absolutely can travel to Puerto Rico. 

That said, there are definitely some things travelers should know before they pack their bags. Our guide below covers everything you need to know about traveling to Puerto Rico right now, from testing and vaccine requirements to conditions on the island itself. 

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Can I Travel To Puerto Rico Right Now? 

Yes! Puerto Rico — as a U.S. territory — has been fairly open for travel during the pandemic. It’s an especially easy destination for Americans to visit, as they don’t need a passport.

Does Puerto Rico Have A Vaccination Requirement For Entry? 

Puerto Rico does not have a vaccine requirement for Americans. Travelers from the U.S. are welcome to explore the island regardless of vaccination status. International travelers are still required to present proof of vaccination.

Keep in mind that the CDC does recommend the COVID vaccine for all travelers to any destination. 

Is There A Quarantine Requirement For Travelers To Puerto Rico?

There is not a quarantine requirement for Puerto Rico travelers.

Do All Travelers Need To Present A Negative COVID-19 Test? 

Nope! American travelers and international travelers with proof of vaccination do not need to present negative test results.  That said, the CDC recommends testing no more than 3 days before travel and staying home if you are sick.

Do Travelers Need Anything Else To Enter Puerto Rico Right Now?

No. Puerto Rico is an easy place for Americans to travel to right now

But there are some things travelers should know about life in Puerto Rico before they plan their trip.

What’s It Like In Puerto Rico At The Moment? Is It Safe?

Puerto Rico launched an aggressive response to the COVID pandemic. Over the years, the island has used curfews, closures, and capacity rules to keep cases at bay. However, most of these restrictions have now been lifted and Puerto Rico still feels safe. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Masks are still required at events with more than 1,000 attendees. And some event venues still require proof of vaccination or negative test results for entry. A local trip planner can help you check. 
  • Masks are recommended any time you don’t know the vaccination status of those around you, especially on public transportation. Individual businesses can require masks and proof of vaccination, so it’s best to pack both. 
  • Puerto Rico has one of the highest vaccination rates in the United States. More than 84 percent of the island is fully vaccinated, and more 95 percent of the population has received at least one dose. 

Though travel anywhere comes with elevated risks because of the pandemic, things in Puerto Rico are currently going well.

Hurricane Fiona Update

Don’t the news from the 2022 hurricane season discourage you from traveling to Puerto Rico. The resilient island bounced back quickly, especially in tourist areas, after Hurricane Fiona hit in September 2022. The San Juan Airport was fully operational within just a couple of days after Fiona made landfall. Hotels that were closed opened up quickly as well. At this point, most indoor activities are back to normal as are many outdoor activities. Locals in Puerto Rico know all the details and can tailor your itinerary to make sure you get to see the best of what’s open right now and help you support local recovery by visiting off-the-beaten-path, independently-owned places. 

Why Travel To Puerto Rico Right Now? 

As pandemic destinations go, Puerto Rico is an especially good one for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, the island offers incredible nature — far away from the crowds. Puerto Rico is packed with hidden gems, idyllic beaches, and plenty of breathtaking hikes. In other words, you’ll find lots of open-air activities on the island, which are generally considered lower risk for COVID-19. 

Plus, the island has taken the pandemic very seriously from the beginning. The vaccination rate is high and people tend to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Traveling to Puerto Rico is a great way to help boost the local economy in the wake of the pandemic and Hurricane Fiona.

Work With A Puerto Rico Local To Plan Your Trip

At ViaHero, we’ve always believed that local knowledge can enrich a travel experience. That’s because no one knows a place like the people who live there. After all, aren’t you an expert on your hometown? 

But local knowledge is more valuable than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. Conditions can change — quickly. It can be tough to keep up with shifting guidelines on masks, curfews, and vaccines, even when you’ve done your research. When you know someone in your destination, however, they can let you know what’s going on. After all, they’re living it. 

Plus, you’ll likely find that many “top ten” lists online for Puerto Rico are sadly out of date. Many places have closed during the pandemic. But even if you know a place is open, you’ll likely have questions like, “is there outdoor seating?” and “does it get very crowded?” These are questions that a local trip planner can answer. 

Our trip planners in Puerto Rico can keep you up to date and plan a trip that matches your risk tolerance and travel style. 

Ready to get started? Connect with a local in Puerto Rico and start planning your trip to the Island of Enchantment. 

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