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Quiz: Should You Go to Puerto Rico?

Updated September 11, 2023

Deciding whether or not you’re going to Puerto Rico? Or maybe you’re itching to go but just need a ’ push? There’s no reason to be on the fence—take this quiz to see just why taking a trip to Puerto Rico means winning at travel (and life).

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1. Are you a fan of perfect weather?

Yes. You’re in luck! Beautiful weather year-round is one of many reasons to travel to Puerto Rico. Although Puerto Rico experiences a few rain showers in off-peak season (November–April), it’s generally 70–85° F every day. So really, the best time to go to Puerto Rico is… any time.

No. If permanent gray skies and rain are how you want to live your life, that’s on you. Sunny weather doesn’t like you either.

2. Do you appreciate stunningly gorgeous nature?

Duh. That’s good, because Puerto Rico is a textbook tropical paradise, with jungles, a rainforest, seaside cliffs, and waterfalls. Traveling to Puerto Rico basically guarantees natural wonders 24/7, 365, so soak it all in.

Absolutely not. Well, you can always stay in a hotel room and stare at a wall. At least try to book a hotel in one of Puerto Rico’s best places to stay, so you can stare at a nice wall.

3. Do you like meeting amazing people?

Of course. Muy bien for you, because Puerto Rico is known for its super friendly, warm culture.  As you make stops along your Puerto Rico itinerary, odds are you’ll run into like-minded tourists and locals alike, perfect opportunities for making new friends and getting an insider’s look at Puerto Rico.

Nope. An anti-social caterpillar, you don’t need once-in-a-lifetime memories of fun nights out, bonfires on the beach, or dancing to local bands. Nor do you need insider Puerto Rico tourism updates or travel buddies—nope, none of these "terrible" things.

4. What do you think about going to the beach every day?

Oh heck yes! You’re in luck. Puerto Rico is an island (shocker, we know) so it’s home base for drop-dead gorgeous beaches. Whether you travel to San Juan or visit smaller seaside towns, you’re bound to be within a couple of minutes of the beach.

Not for me. Well fine, if you don’t love white sand, beautiful surf, and piña coladas, Puerto Rico is home to so many more incredible things to do. You can choose from jungles, mountains, lakes, and mangroves—AKA you’re not limited to beaches, you whiner.

5. Just how much do you love amazing food?

A LOT. If you need delicious food almost as much as you need air, you’ve got to travel to Puerto Rico ASAP. From mofongo and fresh-caught seafood to off-the-charts Puerto Rican tours all about cuisine, you’re free to design your Puerto Rican adventure around your taste buds—no judgment.

Not much. Picky eater, on a diet, afraid of positive change—all excuses for not giving some of the world’s most delicious food the ’ college try. While your personalized trip need not revolve around food, we find your lack of faith in Puerto Rico’s freshest seafood, fruit, and veggies… disturbing.

6. How do you feel about Insta-worthy views?

Love ‘em! Perf. Puerto Rico’s sightseeing spots are guaranteed to leave you gobsmacked. Not to mention San Juan’s avant-garde graffiti, Mayagüez’s dramatic colonial architecture, and Cabo Rojo’s sweeping cliffs—you’ve got it made, shutterbug. (Bonus: American phone plans work in Puerto Rico, so post those pics!)

Meh. Maybe you’re technologically averse or prefer the pitch black. For pity’s sake, even if you just don’t want to take pictures, get over to Puerto Rico’s most amazing attractions and soak up the views. Your soul will thank you.

7. How much do you love super cute animals?

I love adorable animals! You’re in for a treat. Since the island’s so biodiverse, Puerto Rico’s coolest activities to do almost always involve adorable critters, like the Amazon parrot, sea turtles, dolphins, and Cayo Santiago’s macaque monkeys. Many of these creatures are at risk of extinction, so travel to Puerto Rico responsibly and respect the space of these four-legged, finned, and feathered friends.

I hate adorable animals. Even if you’ve got animal allergies, it’s not like you’re going to be putting your face directly in their fur. Plus turtles and dolphins don’t even have fur, so you’re not fooling anyone. Unleash your inner child and loosen up a little, Debbie Downer.

8. Do you love amazing works of art?  

Yes. Then you’re long overdue for a trip to Puerto Rico. Get inspired and satisfy your craving for original art by venturing to local artisan markets, museums, and native cultural heritage landmarks. Even if you’re only wondering what to do in Puerto Rico for the weekend, San Juan alone boasts dozens of museums, from Museo de las Américas to Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

No. Remember that nice wall in your hotel room? Go back to staring at that; maybe eventually you’ll join the common folk and indulge the creative right side of your brain (which might be starving by now).

9. Do you like amazing activities on a budget?

Who doesn’t? No need to smash your piggy bank; Puerto Rico is ideal for both your wanderlust and your bank account. With plenty of awesome free things to do and reasonably-priced accommodations and flights, cheap trips to Puerto Rico have never been more doable. Don’t forget to ask a Puerto Rican local for creative ways to see the country on a budget.

No, I'm Oprah-rich. Got money in the old bank account that’s weighing you down? Feel like pulling a Gatsby and throwing money in the air? Well, Puerto Rico’s best vacation   help you with that; after all, cities like San Juan are packed with casinos, luxury resorts, and amazing excursions.

10. Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind tropical adventure?

Definitely. If you’re already itching to get to Puerto Rico right now, you’re our kind of traveler. Just remember, guidebooks can only take you so far—think outside the box with a Puerto Rican local’s advice, and let your wanderlust be your guide.

No. Well, you’ve reached the end of this quiz, so something about Puerto Rico must have drawn you this far. Maybe it’s time to do some soul-searching and think about just why your cray-cray self doesn’t want sunshine, sea turtles, and swimming. Since Puerto Rico is very safe to travel, there’s nothing holding you back—no excuses here, amigo.


Going to Puerto Rico is not only recommended—it’s a travel must for perfect weather, cultural experiences, and out-of-this-world natural wonders. Get connected with a Puerto Rico local to start customizing your very own Puerto Rican adventure. Start by messaging us, then check out more Puerto Rico insider tips below:


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