I am one of the most unique people you will meet. I have a dynamic personality and I love making the most out of life. You will not have a dull minute with me. I am always exploring something new. I love being outside and discovering every nook and cranny in Puerto Rico.

I started traveling twice a year since I was born. I think it all started with my first flight at 2 weeks old. Now I have been to over 46 countries. I travel about half of the year while still working full time.

I can help you discover many charcos/rivers, hiking spots, waterfalls, and rain forest views all over the island that you would have trouble finding without a local. There is one specific spot that I love the most that is hard to find without a car and a local. You hike through the river for 45 minutes to a hidden spot in the rainforest with a rope swing, natural rock slides, and large jumps. This is my favorite spot because it has everything in one spot!

I enjoy planning all types of trip from a couples getaway weekend, to a family vacation, to a trip to the local islands, to a food tour exploration, to a hiking trip, to an island road trip. I do it all!

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