Travel is my passion and I love to experience local culture of every place I visit. For this reason I am willing to create a unique experience for every visitor of this island. We have a lot to offer starting with our beautiful beaches, our famous Old San Juan and an extensive culinary experience.

Since childhood my parents taught me that traveling is very enriching in all aspects, so I started with them traveling and it became my passion. I am thankful for my experiences all over the world as Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Alaska, Colombia Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Greece and much more to come!

Buye beach is a beach gem not known by everyone. It is located in Cabo Rojo, on the west side of the Island. The water has breathtaking unique shades of blue. A must see for all visitors.

I enjoy planning all types of trips, In PR there's no limits to have a wonderful time. If you like beach, good food and history , this is the right destination.

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