I love music, singing and taking walks and trips with my loved ones. I sometimes go to the beach to breathe fresh air and be in contact with my inner self. I also enjoy going to a "chinchorro" to eat fried food that is very typical here. I just love my island, Puerto Rico!

I've always loved to go around my island to explore it and also enjoyed learning as much as I could about other countries. I ended up studying tourism and hotels, and during my studies, I learned a lot about world and cultures.

In Bayamón, "Pizzeria Al Forno Pasta & Grill" is very special because of their huge variety of pizzas! The must popular flavors they have are: the vegan pizza (with spinach and other veggies), "La Orocobeña"(with longaniza and sweet plantains), or the "Tripleta pizza" which have three meats, potato sticks and a very Puerto Rican sauce named "mayoketchup"(made mixing mayonnaise and ketchup). They also have a special pizza named "Arepa pizza." This pizza crust is very unique because it taste like coconut. Oh and the prices and the staff service are amazing!

I love to plan all types of trips! Solo travelers, couples, families and groups; I can plan for romantic and relaxing trips, or trips for exploration and discovery and history. I think tourism in all aspects is very interesting so I enjoy sharing these things.

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