I like to learn new things and to talk to new people because we all share some common grounds. I consider myself an honest and funny man who truly loves his country and believes in the vast possibilities of our people. I like to make people feel at home. I’m a family man that loves to spend time with them all.

I love my country and every time I have the opportunity to talk about it I take it because Puerto Rico is a paradise, we have so much to offer. If I can help our visitors fall in love with this beautiful island I will feel accomplished.

Puerto Rico is its own hidden gem because of he diversity of activities that you can enjoy. From 500 year old forts to rainforest to bioluminescent bays, this island has a lot to give and a lot to explore. Everyday offers the opportunity of a new adventure.

I like to get to know the place I visit. It can be sampling local and street food to museums and monuments. I love to take the time beforehand to plan my trip so I waste the minimum time, always leaving time for the unexpected places and encounters because they complete the experience.

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