Whenever I'm going on vacation, I make plans to do a mixture of activities. At the same time I plan to make stops along the way from one town to another. These stops are to take photos, visit tourists attractions. These stops can consist of many different topics like, beach and river stops, with scenic views and places to stop for a bite to eat at.

As I got older and started to learn more about my ancestors from Puerto Rico. The Taino, indigenous people. I became more fascinated with my culture. I have done my own research and learned so much I didn't know about PR. Yet I still keep learning and have so much more to learn. I have made the most out of my vacations in PR and when I found out about ViaHero I decided this is a great way to share my culture and Island with others. Now it's my pleasure to try my best to help you get the most enjoyment out of your trip as well. I'm here for you.

My favorite activities are to visit as many of the local islands that surround the main land, from visiting beaches, to snorkeling areas and planning a fishing trip. I've made a bucket list of places and things to do and add more as I find extra information. I would like to share my bucket list with you and hope you can enjoy Puerto Rico like I do!

My activities may not be what your looking for. I'm here to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. I need an idea of what you're looking to do. Is it to visit a breathtaking waterfall and taking a dip in a river waterhole, or beach hopping or something else?

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