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Spain Travel Restrictions: What Travelers Need To Know

Updated December 3, 2022

Is it possible to travel to Spain right now? Yes! And it’s a real joy. This destination has a rich history, fantastic cuisine, and plenty to explore for all travel types. 

No one knows a place like the people who live there. For the most up-to-date info on Spain travel, connect with a Spanish local. Learn more

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Is It Safe To Travel To Spain Right Now?

Like anywhere, traveling to Spain comes with elevated risks because of the COVID pandemic. The CDC recommends that all travelers are up-to-date with their COVID vaccinations before travel to Spain. 

So, if travelers are going to go to Spain, what do they need to know? What kind of  COVID travel restrictions does the country have in place? What should travelers expect in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville? Read on for more. 

Spain Travel Restrictions To Know Before Your Arrival

After years of restrictions, it’s now easy for Americans to travel to Spain! Proof of vaccination is not required. Neither is COVID testing. However, travelers aged six and older need to wear a mask when using public transportation.

What To Expect On A Trip To Spain

Restaurants, nightclubs, and cultural venues across Spain are once again open without restrictions and eager to welcome travelers back. Masks are recommended indoors, but no longer required except on public transportation and in medical settings. 

It’s pretty easygoing in Spain right now with many similarities to pre-pandemic travel. But you’ll still want to do a little more advanced planning than you might have before. Reservations are recommended for many places where you might previously have just shown up and gotten a ticket or table. A local can help you navigate this before you go and provide assistance during your trip, too. 

Why Travel To Spain Right Now

If you’re ready to go to Spain, then you’ll find a truly stellar destination with plenty to explore. Because there’s so much to do in Spain, you can definitely find activities that fit your risk tolerance and travel style. 

Consider all the places to visit in Spain — you have cities like Barcelona and Madrid, which certainly offer the passion, excitement, and pace that many of us missed during lockdowns. But the country also has tons of options for people who want to get away from the crowds. 

If you’re looking for history, nature, and beauty, you may want to stay in the Andalusia region. But if you’re looking for somewhere quiet near the water, then maybe the striking white houses of Frigiliana will provide a happy place to land. 

All in all, Spain has a little something for every kind of traveler. Filled with cities, small towns, rolling countryside, and plenty of gorgeous beaches, everyone can find something to love in Spain. 

Work With A Local To Plan Your Trip To Spain

At ViaHero, we believe that no one knows a place like the people who live there. Local knowledge can always enrich a trip, but it’s especially important in a world with COVID travel restrictions

After all, you could spend hours trying to figure out masking, vaccine, capacity, and social distancing requirements for somewhere in Spain. You could spend hours trying to figure out if those restaurants on Yelp are still open, or if they even have outdoor seating. Or, you could simply ask someone who actually lives there

Our locals in Spain can help explain current pandemic restrictions because they work with them every day. But they can also let you know which restaurants have stepped up during the pandemic, which beaches offer a nice getaway from the crowds, and what you should know about wearing a mask. 

Basically, they can let you know what it’s like in Spain right now. And they can help you design a trip that doesn’t only fit your travel style, but also fits your risk tolerance. 

Ready to plan your trip to Spain? Connect with a Spanish local to get started.

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