August in Iceland

ViaHero · May 17, 2018

August is another month in Iceland where travelers can have it all! Visitors can soak up with warm weather, explore during long hours of daylight, travel on safe road conditions.... and potentially catch the Northern Lights! Additionally, festivals are huge in Iceland, and August (as the last summer month) is no exception.  There is a renowned festival every week in August! 

The only drawback of this month is the fact that it is still peak tourist season, and the Island will be very crowded. To that end, feel free to message us after reading for more information on avoiding tourists and enjoying everything that Iceland has to offer!

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Before your trip, make sure to check out:

Here are some top tips for visiting Iceland in August: 

Benefits of visiting Iceland in August: 

It is once again possible to catch the Northern Lights! 

Go wild berry picking! 

Catch the end of peak whale watching season!

Enjoy the camping holiday! 

See roaming sheep before they are rounded up! 
Tons of art and culture festivals in Reykjavík.

Daylight in Iceland in August:

Many in Iceland considering August to be the beginning of Fall in Iceland. While days are certainly shorter than the previous months, they are still much longer than the rest of the year. At the beginning of the month, the sun rises around 4:30 AM, and sets around 10:30 PM (around 18 hours of daylight).  By the end of the month, the sun rises at 6:00 AM, and sets around 8:30 PM (over 15 hours of daylight). 

Average Temperatures in Iceland in August:

As Iceland moves into Fall with August, temperatures begin to drop. However, the average temperature for the month still rests around 55°F (13°C).  

Holidays and festivals in Iceland in Augsut:

  • The National Festival on Westmann Islands -The first weekend in August is notorious for festivals and events, and the National Festival is one of the most famous. Hoards of locals gather for music and bonfires.   
  • Merchant’s Holiday - Monday after the first weekend in August: Icelanders do not work on the Monday after the first weekend in August, which is why that weekend is so popular for camping - most locals take advantage of the long weekend to go on an outdoor journey. 
  • Reykjavík Pride - August 8th through the 13th: One of the largest festivals in Iceland is Reykjavík Pride - the entire country comes together to celebrate the fact that you can be yourself in Iceland! 
  • The Great Fish day - the first or the second Saturday in August:  In Dalvíkurbyggð, on the first or the second Saturday in August, fish producers and other members of the society invite guests to a free sea food buffet to celebrate the area's delicious sea food
  • Danish Days in Stykkishólmur - August 12 through the 13th: Stykkishólmur - a town with a strong connection to Denmark- celebrates their Danish connections every August. 
  • Culture Night - August 19th: Culture Night is the largest festival in Iceland - for a country that is constantly celebrating something, this is very impressive! Every August, all of Iceland gathers for events ranging from musical performances to exhibitions of art and architecture, all delivered by the city’s budding talent.  

Guide to Iceland has a comprehensive list of festivals across the country for each month. 

Activities in Iceland in August:

  • Berry picking: Berry picking is a popular activity in August in Iceland - have a local suggest a suitable area! 
  • Camping: for locals and tourists, August is a huge camping month in Iceland.  The country publishes a free camping guide each year that includes everything you need to know to camp in Iceland - you can view it online here. 
  • Northern Lights: The Northern Lights return to Iceland at the end of August when days become shorter.  Check out our guide to the Northern Lights in Iceland to ensure you get to see them! 
  • Partying: Icelanders celebrate the end of summer all of August by staying out late and socializing! 
  • Run one of the most beautiful marathons in the world .
  • Whale watching: August is the end of peak whale viewing season - have a local organize a great whale excursion for you. 
  • Tour the Central Highlands: The central part of Iceland is only accessible during the summer months - winter weather leaves the roads inaccessible.  Even though the area is now open, only those with prior extreme off-road driving experience should attempt to navigate this area on their own. A local can help you find and plan a suitable tour for this area. 
  • Rafting
  • Enjoy ice cream from the plethora of local shops (a national favorite pastime).
  • Stay out late soaking up Reykjavik's vibrant night life.

Check out our guides to June in Iceland guide  and July in Iceland for more tips on what to do this time of year! 

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