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Using a Travel Agency to Go to Puerto Rico: The Pros and Cons

Updated December 30, 2022

Travel agents can help to relieve some trip-planning stress—but working with a travel agent isn’t always the best way to discover all the incredible things to do in Puerto Rico.

Here, we look closely at the pros and cons of using a travel agency to go to Puerto Rico, measured by price, experience, personalization, safety, availability, & authenticity.

#1: Price

ProsTravel agents have connections with hotels and airlines, and know about popular tour packages. This means that, in theory, agents can provide access to the top things to do in Puerto Rico at a discounted rate.

ConsHowever, travel agents work on commission. As such, you may encounter hidden fees, like travel insurance. 

Trip planners who aren’t paid commission are more ideal—especially if they can also help you budget your itinerary, and personalize your trip.

#2: Experience

Puerto Rico | Zach Castillo/Unsplash

ProsTravel agents are experts at trip planning. They'll easily be able to introduce you to Puerto Rico's coolest tourist attractions.

ConsGenerally, travel agents don't live in Puerto Rico. And experience with trip-planning can't replace local knowledge. 

When you have a local plan your trip, they can share their experience and personal recommendations—including hidden gems in Puerto Rico that may not be on a travel agent's radar.

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#3: Personalization

Pros: Travel agents will provide a list of options like different Puerto Rico tours, so that—to a degree—they can personalize your trip based on what you pick. 

ConsThis can be limiting, however. You're choosing from a list. What if the places you want to visit in Puerto Rico simply aren't there? If you really want to customize your Puerto Rico experience, travel agencies may not be the best fit for you.

#4: Safety

Old San Juan restaurant | Luis Santiago/Unsplash

Pros: Travel agents are well-versed on Puerto Rico safety, and will share their knowledge with you. 

ConsWhen it comes to safety in Puerto Rico, you can't beat on-the-ground updates from the people who actually live there. Local trip planners can give safety advice about all kinds of Puerto Rico activities—and important information on different places to stay on the island.

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#5: Availability

ProsAs they plan your trip, travel agents will (of course) be available to answer your Puerto Rico questions

Cons: But what about once you arrive? Working with a local trip planners means you'll be in the same time zone. And when you work with one of our Puerto Rico locals, they'll be available with phone support in case you run into any issues.

#6: Authenticity

Street in San Juan | Tatiana Rodriguez/Unsplash

Pros: If your travel agent specializes in travel to Puerto Rico, they'll be a good resource for seeing all the great sights during your Puerto Rico vacation.

ConsNothing can replace local knowledge. If your agent doesn't live in Puerto Rico, your Puerto Rico itinerary will lack the local know-how that makes the island so enchanting. 

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Sierra, recent ViaHero traveler to Portugal
Sierra, recent ViaHero traveler to Portugal

Conclusion: Have a local plan your trip

If you want to see Puerto Rico like a local—not a tourist—work with one to plan your trip. Locals can create a unique itinerary customized to your interests and budget. 

Getting local advice means you'll have up-to-date info on safety. You'll know just where to go for incredible pina coladas or mofongo. And transportation will be a breeze, since you'll have tons of local tips about how to get around. 

Welcome to seeing Puerto Rico like a local. 

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