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Can I Travel To Cuba Right Now? Here’s What To Know

Updated January 3, 2023

Cuba travel has always been complicated. But for those of you wondering “Can I travel to Cuba right now,” we do have some good news: Cuba is open for travel and locals are excited for visitors to return to explore all that Cuba has to offer.

No one knows a place like the people who live there. Connect with a local in Cuba to start planning your trip. Learn more.

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Can I Travel To Cuba Right Now? 

Yes! As always, Americans must follow certain rules to go to Cuba legally. But Cuba is open for travel, so it is possible to go there as long as you keep this in mind. Keep reading for answers to frequently asked questions about Covid and travel in Cuba. 

Does Cuba Have A Vaccination Requirement For Entry? 

No, Cuba does not have a vaccine requirement for entry at the moment. 

Do Travelers Need To Present A Negative COVID-19 Test? Is There A Quarantine Requirement?

Travelers do not need to present a negative COVID test or quarantine. 

However, temperature screenings are performed on arrival, and travelers are randomly selected for COVID tests on arrival. If your test comes back positive you will need to quarantine at a facility designated for COVID quarantine. 

Do Travelers Need Anything Else To Enter Cuba Right Now?

Yes. Alongside the requirements for Americans, travelers will also need to fill out Cuba’s Health Declaration Form

(If all this is feeling too complicated, then we recommend reaching out to one of our Cuba trip planners. They can walk you through what Americans need to travel to Cuba and help you out with any health or COVID considerations.) 

Travel to Cuba definitely comes with some hoops to jump through these days. But it can be a rewarding pandemic destination — as long as you know what to expect. 

What’s It Like In Cuba At The Moment? Is It Safe?

Generally, Cuba is safe for travel with a little know-how. Obviously, the pandemic has changed the calculus a little when it comes to safety. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 cases in Cuba were fairly low. In fact, they were so low that Cuba actually sent doctors abroad to help out other countries. Since then, cases have risen and fallen in waves as we've seen globally. 

Masks are still required in healthcare settings and on public transportation. They're recommended elsewhere, but not required.

So is Cuba safe? Like anywhere, travel to Cuba comes with elevated risks because of the coronavirus pandemic. But if you’re vaccinated, know what to expect, and understand how to travel there, then you can have a rewarding trip in Cuba. 

Why Travel To Cuba Right Now

We’ve always believed that travel — done right — can be a force for good. Destinations like Cuba have historically relied heavily on tourism to support their economy. So going to Cuba now can be a boost for Cubans across the island. 

It can also be an especially rewarding experience for travelers. For starters, tourism is currently low across the island. That means that travelers can get a rare look at Cuba without the crowds. 

Plus, Cuba is full of activities that can be done outdoors — and it’s generally agreed that fresh air lowers the risk of the coronavirus. If you’re worried about COVID-19, you’ll have the option to spend the day on the beach, on the water, or on the veranda of a cafe. 

All that makes Cuba a good pandemic destination although, of course, traveling during the pandemic does come with risks. 

Work With A Local To Plan Your Trip To Cuba

At ViaHero, we’ve always believed that local knowledge can enrich a travel experience. After all, who knows a place better than the people who actually live there? 

Today, that’s more true than ever. Pandemic conditions can change — quickly. And it can be tough to keep up with the ever-shifting rules around masking, social distancing, capacity guidelines, and vaccine requirements. 

It isn't just about staying safe, either. In the #beforetimes, we could all find tons of "top ten" lists online that offered a rough guide of what to do in a destination. Today, those are simply out of date. Not only do they list restaurants and bars that have closed, but they don't offer information that today's travelers need — like which places have good outdoor seating.

Knowing a local in your destination means that you have access to all the latest news and tips about traveling there. Our locals in Cuba, for example, can let you know which bars have closed during the pandemic, which restaurants offer good (uncrowded) outdoor seating, and which beaches the locals are loving the most right now. 

And, of course, they can offer safety tips and best practices to help keep your trip safe. Basically, they can design a trip that fits both your travel style and your risk tolerance. 

Ready to have a local plan for your trip to Cuba? Connect with a local today to learn more.

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