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Is Milan Safe for Travel in 2024?

Updated September 17, 2023

Generally, Milan is safe for travel. Locals helped us put together this guide to staying safe in Milan; it covers everything from COVID to tips for solo travelers.

Work with a local to build your trip to Milan. They'll offer up-to-date information that you might not find online—and tips on how to stay away from the crowds. Learn more

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Milan and COVID-19 Safety 

Some of the most common questions about traveling to Italy have to do with COVID. When will Italy be safe to visit? When will Milan, a part of the hard-hit Lombardy region, be safe to visit? 

Here's the latest: 

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers from the United States are permitted to enter Italy. Neither proof of vaccination nor negative COVID test results is required. 

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to check and follow the COVID-19 rules in Italy. A local can help. Right now, the only nationwide requirement to keep in mind is that FFP2 masks are required on public transportation and in healthcare settings. 

Safety in Milan

Milan Is Milan Safe
Milan |  AC Almelor/Unsplash 

Milan is one of the top cities to visit in Italy. Considered the country’s economic core, Milan is home to fantastic cultural sites, incredible cuisine, and world-class museums. It’s considered to be a safe destination. 

However, like any big city, visitors should keep some things in mind. Locals in Italy note that: 

  • Pickpockets abound: Milan is home to top Italian tourist attractions like the Duomo Cathedral and the Uffizi Museum. Visitors flock to these spots—and so do pickpockets. 

  • Keep belongings close: When enjoying one of Milan’s wonderful outdoor cafes, take care to not sling your bag on the back of your chair. Keep all belongings close and within sight. 

Milan is a popular place to visit in Italy because it’s so safe. As long as you follow a few common-sense safety rules, you should be ok. 

Common scams in Milan

Stay safe on your trip to Italy by avoiding common scams. Locals tell us that visitors to Milan should:

  • Be cautious in crowded areas: When you’re in a crowd—especially at the train station or popular attractions—be vigilant about your surroundings. Keep an eye on your belongings. Crowds in Milan provide ample opportunity for the city’s pickpockets. 

  • Be aware of transportation scams: Be on your guard for fake taxis. You may be scammed by someone who “forgets” to start their meter. Since transportation in Italy is generally safe, you’re better off hopping on a bus or the tram instead.
  • Look out for fake petitions: In crowded areas, you may be approached by someone asking you to sign a petition. It’s best to avoid engaging. There’s a high likelihood that the petition is fake, and part of a scheme to pick your pockets
  • Say no to any offered gifts: If someone approaches you with a gift—a flower, a bracelet, or another kind of charm—firmly say no. Do not engage. The person offering a “gift” will demand payment, and become aggressive if you refuse. 

These scams are prevalent throughout Italy. Keep them in mind whether you’re exploring Milan or enjoying all the fantastic sights of Rome. By using a little caution, you can avoid getting scammed. 

Is Milan safe for solo travelers?

Solo Travel Is Milan Safe
Woman in Milan | Photo by Josè Maria Sava/Unsplash

Italy is a safe destination for solo travelers, and so is Milan.

That being said, here are some things that locals say solo travelers should keep in mind: 

  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers: This is a general rule of thumb for solo travelers everywhere. If you meet someone and they offer to buy you a drink, be sure you see it made. 

  • Ignore the catcalls: If you’re a woman traveling alone, you may receive some unwanted attention. The best thing to do—like anywhere else—is to ignore it. 
  • Stick with the crowd at night: Popular nightlife areas in Milan like Navigli are safe to enjoy once the sun goes down. But avoid wandering anywhere far from the beaten path. 

For personalized advice on exploring Milan as a solo traveler, work with one of our locals in Italy. They can let you know how they enjoy the city, safely. (It’s like having a friend in Italy...while still exploring on your own.)

Important Italian phrases

No matter where you go in Italy, it’s good to learn un poco Italian. Our Italian locals tell us these are some important phrases to know:

  • Per favore—Please

  • Grazie—Thank you
  • PregoYou’re welcome
  • Buon giornoGood-morning
  • Mi scusiExcuse me
  • Scusi, mi può dire come arrivare al...—Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to...

Milan is a good place to stay in Italy if you don’t speak any Italian. It’s an international hub, so most people you encounter will speak some English. That being said, it’s always good to know a few words. “Hello” and “thank you” go a long way! 

Emergency numbers to know

Cities throughout Italy are generally quite safe—from Milan to Rome—but in case you run into any trouble, here are some good numbers to know:

  • For general emergencies113 (Italy-specific) or 112 (European emergency number)

  • To call an ambulance118

  • US Embassy in Rome—39 06 46741



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