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The Best Time to Visit Italy According to Locals

Updated September 17, 2023

When’s the best time to visit Italy? With so many incredible places to visit in Italy, locals tell us it’s great all year round. But! There are definitely some things you should know before you plan your trip. With some local input, we created this guide to the best time to visit Italy.

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When should I visit Italy? 

Locals tell us when you visit Italy depends on your travel style. The most popular time to visit is in May, June, September, and October. 

You’ll enjoy great weather during these months—but also more crowds and higher prices on accommodations, especially in top places to visit in Italy like Rome and Milan. Instead, you may want to visit in shoulder season (March-May and October-November) or even during offseason (December-February). 

If you’re looking to savor an Italian summer and get off the beaten path, see what locals say about where to go to avoid the peak season crowds. Our locals in Italy can recommend spots you won’t find in a cursory Internet search. 

Local Tip:

If you can, avoid visiting Rome in August. Locals leave the city around this time for their own trips (and to avoid the heat). 

Traveling to Italy in the offseason

Sunset in Rome | Kameron Kincade/Unsplash

Many places to visit in Italy are just as magical in the offseason as they are during peak season! Not only will you avoid contributing to overtourism, but you’ll avoid crowds and save money on travel. Not convinced? Our locals in Italy say these are more perks to offseason Italian travel: 

A more local experience. Instead of being surrounded by tourists, you’ll interact more with locals—especially if you decide to explore places to visit in Italy that are small villages or hidden gems.  

Cooler weather: Italy can get quite hot in the summer. Visiting in the offseason means you’ll find much more temperate weather. And if you’re worried about rain, well, many of the great things to do in Italy are actually indoors!

Autumn is harvest time. If you love Italian wines or olive oils, then keep in mind that these are harvested around October and November. 

Skiing! Vacation doesn’t have to mean sipping Aperol Spritz in the sun (although that is pretty wonderful too). The Italian Alps are a great destination if you want to hit the slopes. 

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Italian festival dates to know

One perk of visiting places in Italy during the offseason is that you may stumble upon a unique (and thrilling!) festival. Our locals say that these are some of the top celebrations between October and February: 

  • White Truffle Festival in Alba (October): Locals tell us that foodies will love this festival. It celebrates white truffles, as well as Italian wines and cheese. 
    • Locals tell us there’s another White Truffle festival in November, which takes place in San Miniato.
  • Eurochocolate in Perugia (October): This annual chocolate festival offers the opportunity to try chocolate from all over the world. 
  • Wild Boar Festival in Suvereto (November): Never had wild boar? Now is your chance. 
  • Battle of the Oranges (February): Prepare to get sticky—this festival involves a food fight and several hundred pounds of oranges. 

Really, Italy is fantastic all year round

If you love pasta, art, world-class museums, stunning architecture, great red wine, and rich desserts—then locals tell us you'll love Italy all year round. Raining in Florence? Duck into the Uffizi museum. Chilly in Naples? Order some classic Neopolitan pizza, fresh from a wood fire oven.

Locals you'll find plenty to do all year round. And if you don't know where to start, then our locals in Italy can help create an unforgettable offseason itinerary. 

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