7 Reasons Why Right Now is The Best Time to Go to Puerto Rico

ViaHero  November 13, 2018

Puerto Rico has had a really hard go of things this past year. And it’s true—the island hasn’t fully recovered from Hurricane Maria. But that’s just all the more reason you should go; in fact, this is the absolute right time to visit The Island of Enchantment. Here’s why.

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#1: Tourism is the best way to help the recovery process

Seriously. Aside from donating to charity, traveling to Puerto Rico is the best way help the island recover from Hurricane Maria. Why? It’s simple—money. Hurricane Maria caused over 80 billion dollars in damages. Federal relief and monetary assistance efforts have been an overwhelming failure, so tourism dollars have become an extremely important part of Puerto Rico’s economy. Basically, every minute you spend sipping piña coladas on the white sands of a pristine Puerto Rican beach, you’re aiding the island’s recovery effort. Total win-win.

Beautiful lodging for tourism is a Puerto Rico tourism update

Oh, and FYI: when you book a trip with ViaHero, 70% of the trip planning cost goes directly to the Puerto Rican local planning your trip.

#2: It’s entirely safe for travel

Make no mistake: many parts of Puerto Rico are still struggling mightily in the aftermath of the storm. But for the most part, these are extremely remote areas. For the majority of the island, including San Juan, Ponce, Arecibo, and nearly anywhere a traveler would likely care to visit, it’s life as usual. You can stop worrying if it’s safe to travel to Puerto Rico right now—because it is.

#3: The hotels and beaches are open for business

As of publication, almost all of Puerto Rico’s hotels are open for business. The beaches are ready for swimming and sunbathing, and even remote Puerto Rican attractions like the El Yunque rainforest and Cueva del Indio are receiving visitors. And remember: you can always chat with a Puerto Rican local to verify what’s good to go.

#4: It’s really inexpensive

As if you needed another reason to visit Puerto Rico, you should know that it’s a really inexpensive vacation. Though Puerto Rico uses the US dollar (it is a US territory, after all), the cost of living in Puerto Rico is much lower than it is on the mainland. Example: restaurant prices are, on average, a whopping 26.33% lower in Puerto Rico than in the continental US.

#5: There are tons of awesome volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is helping for the Puerto Rico tourism update

If you wanted to spend your entire vacation galavanting through Puerto Rico, we wouldn’t blame you one bit. But remember: there are incredible volunteer opportunities all over the island. We’re talking about rebuilding national parks, interacting with Puerto Rican locals, even getting a firsthand view of some of Puerto Rico’s most incredible wildlife! And make sure to take tons of pics for Instagram—voluntourism is so hot right now.

#6: You’ll get to avoid the crowds

Ever wanted to vacation on your own private island? If you travel to Puerto Rico right now, you’re nearly there. Tourism has taken a dip since Maria, so you’ll get to experience all of Puerto Rico’s charm and attractions without the crowds. Have a travel expert plan your trip to complete the private vacation vibe!

#7: No matter how cold it gets on the mainland, it’s endless summer in Puerto Rico

Summer is beautiful as a Puerto Rico tourism update

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and Starbucks is going buck wild with its seasonal beverage menu (Chestnut Praline Latte? Really?)—but it’s always nice and warm in Puerto Rico! With an average high of 82° and low of 62°, Puerto Rico is just the thing to cure those winter blues.  

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