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Puerto Rico Tourism Update 2022

Updated November 14, 2022

Is it possible to travel to Puerto Rico in 2022? Absolutely!

In this Puerto Rico tourism update, we cover everything you need to know about travel to the Island of Enchantment. Below, we discuss the latest coronavirus updates for Puerto Rico as well as why tourism is important for the island's recovery. 

For everything from safety tips to restaurant recommendations, work with a local to plan your trip. No one knows Puerto Rico like the locals do. Learn more.

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Kate, Recent Traveler
Kate, Recent Traveler

What to know about Puerto Rico and the pandemic

For Americans, Puerto Rico is an easy and relatively safe place to visit when it comes to COVID - it’s similar to traveling between states. 

Here's the latest:

There are no vaccine or testing requirements for Americans, although the CDC does recommend the COVID vaccine before travel. 

Masks are recommended anywhere you can’t guarantee the vaccination status of those around you and on public transportation but are not required. Keep in mind that Individual businesses can implement their own masking and vaccine rules, so be prepared by packing masks and your vaccination card. 

You can always check in with a local to get an on-the-ground perspective of what life is like in Puerto Rico.

Why travel now? Tourism supports the island's economy

People in Old San Juan | Tatiana Rodriguez/Unsplash

As Puerto Rico — and the rest of the world — begins to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, tourism dollars are more crucial than ever. 

The CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, Brad Dean, noted that tourism makes up 10% of Puerto Rico's GDP. Following Hurricane Maria in 2017, he said: "The people of Puerto Rico have shown great resiliency...they are writing the textbook on how to use tourism to fuel economic recovery."

Tourism post-Hurricane Maria helped the island recover. Now, tourism can help Puerto Rico recover from the pandemic and Hurricane Fiona. 

That's especially true if you spend your tourism dollars at local businesses and skip the touristy chains. 

When you connect with a Puerto Rico local to plan your trip, more than two-thirds of the flat fee goes directly into their pocket.

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Hurricane Fiona Update

Don’t the news from the 2022 hurricane season discourage you from traveling to Puerto Rico. The resilient island bounced back quickly, especially in tourist areas, after Hurricane Fiona hit in September 2022. The San Juan Airport was fully operational within just a couple of days after Fiona made landfall. Hotels that were closed opened up quickly as well. At this point, most indoor activities are back to normal as are many outdoor activities. Locals in Puerto Rico know all the details and can tailor your itinerary to make sure you get to see the best of what’s open right now and help you support local recovery by visiting off-the-beaten-path, independently-owned places.

And let's be honest — we could all use a vacation

A stunning Puerto Rico sunset | MyCoolPhotos/Pixabay

For Americans, travel to Puerto Rico is easy — and often fairly affordable. There are tons of great hostels on the island, as well as many boutique hotels

Plus, going to Puerto Rico means you're in for a real adventure—whether that means exploring old forts in San Juan, surfing in Rincon, sipping piña coladas in Ponce, or enjoying the white sands of Playa Flamenco.

All in all, Puerto Rico can offer a wonderful respite after the difficulties of last year. And as the island recovers from the pandemic, your tourism dollars can make a positive impact. 

Work with a local to plan your trip to Puerto Rico.

Local Tip:

Are piña coladas on your Puerto Rico bucket list? Get a free sample at Barranchina in San Juan. They claim to have invented the drink! 

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