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Puerto Rico Tourism Update 2021

Updated March 1, 2021

Is it possible to travel to Puerto Rico in 2021? Traveling anywhere is tricky these days. Americans can travel to Puerto Rico — remember, it's part of the United States — but travelers will have to follow safety guidelines like wearing a mask and getting tested. 

For everything from safety tips to restaurant recommendations, work with a local to plan your trip. No one knows Puerto Rico like the locals do. Learn more.

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Kate, Recent Traveler
Kate, Recent Traveler

What to know about Puerto Rico and the coronavirus

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico during the coronavirus pandemic? Like many places around the world, Puerto Rico has struggled to contain the coronavirus. If you travel to Puerto Rico, you'll have to adhere to policies about curfews and restaurant capacities—as well as local rules like wearing a mask. But can Americans even travel to Puerto Rico right now?

Here's the latest:

November 23rd: Yes—Americans can travel to Puerto Rico (remember, it's part of the United States). 

Americans don't need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. However, you will need to present a negative coronavirus test that's no more than 72 hours old. 

Locals tell us that policies surrounding beaches, restaurants, and bars are in flux—depending on the island's positivity rate. You can always check in with a local to get an on-the-ground perspective of what life is like in Puerto Rico. 

Tourism supports the island's economy

Tourism dollars majorly help the economy. The CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, Brad Dean, noted that tourism makes up 10% of Puerto Rico's GDP. Following Hurricane Maria in 2017, he said: "The people of Puerto Rico have shown great resiliency...they are writing the textbook on how to use tourism to fuel economic recovery."

As Puerto Rico reopens, tourism dollars will be vital to the island's economy.

You can help out by working with a local to plan your trip. Locals will give you insider info about the top Puerto Rican beachesand you’ll help support the island’s recovery. It’s a win-win.

When you connect with a Puerto Rico local to plan your trip, more than two-thirds of the flat fee goes directly into their pocket.

Local Tip:

Are piña coladas on your Puerto Rico bucket list? Get a free sample at Barranchina in San Juan. They claim to have invented the drink! 

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Puerto Rico is reopening for travel

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico right now? Travel comes with new risks these days. Visitors will have to take extra precautions, like wearing masks and maintaining distance in public areas. This helps keep both travelers and locals safe. 

One way to avoid the crowds? Skip the tourist traps and explore local favorites instead. Our locals in Puerto Rico will design an itinerary that includes places that tourists normally miss—plus, they'll provide local knowledge about how to stay safe. 

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It’s easy to travel to Puerto Rico on a budget

As if you needed another reason to visit Puerto Rico, you should know that it’s an inexpensive vacation. Although Puerto Rico uses the US dollar, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is much lower than it is on the mainland. For example, restaurant prices are, on average, about 25% lower in Puerto Rico than in the continental US.

You can also find tons of great hostels in Puerto Rico, as well as good deals on boutique hotels

Puerto Rico is simply incredible

Traveling to Puerto Rico means you're in for a real adventure—whether that means exploring old forts in San Juan, surfing in Rincon, sipping piña coladas in Ponce, or enjoying the white sands of Playa Flamenco.

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