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The Medellin Flower Festival Will Blow Up Your Instagram

Updated September 6, 2023

If bright colors and gorgeous scenery are your jam, look no further than Medellin’s Feria de las Flores! The Festival of the Flowers takes place yearly in Medellin (say it with us, meh--) and is one of the biggest reasons you need to visit Colombia. Any questions? Drop us a line.

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You’ve never seen this many flowers. Seriously.

For over 60 years, this Colombian festival has been wowing travelers with its artsy vibes and floral finesse. And while the festivities are full of unique things to do, the main celebrations—concerts, parades, and floral shows, all blanketed in layers and layers of flowers—are the best reason to visit Medellin.

colorful buildings and yellow flowers at medellin flower festival colombia

The celebration’s beautiful, but it commemorates a dark past

The Flower Festival was launched in 1957 to, among other things, commemorate the abolition of slavery in Colombia. The festival’s flagship parade, the parade of the , serves to memorialize the slaves who once carried their Spanish overlords their backs using contraptions called . Today, the “” are made from elaborate flower arrangements.

The Parade of the Silleteros is pure Instagram magic

This year, the Parade of the Silleteros will take place on August 12. And grab your cameras, you wanderlust hipsters, because the parade is not only rich with history but super artsy to boot. If this isn’t already on your Colombia bucket list, we bet it is now.

Grab tickets early, because they go quick

You don’t need tickets to attend the Medellin Flower Festival, but for the best views possible you should ask your Hero to get tickets on the risers that line parade routes. Otherwise, you might end up scrambling for a view rather than enjoying the festivities!

What, when, where? Gimme the deets.

Medellin is commonly dubbed “The City of Eternal Spring,” so it’s the perfect setting for Feria de las Flores. Most of the events are held in Medellin’s city center but check out the official page for full details. With all the flower displays, concerts, parades, and even dance parties, you’ll want to check with one of our local trip planners for a customized map and itinerary so you don’t skip a single beat!

Coming to Medellin for the flowers? Stay for the hipster goodness.

It’s always a good time to go to Medellin, and the Flower Festival is no exception. This hipster mecca is a vibrant city full of stuff to do, so make sure to stay for a bit after the festivities end!  Whether you’d prefer hiking or sightseeing, you’re going to find a great time in Medellin.

Don’t worry, Medellin is way safer than you think it is.

Let’s set things straight: Medellin is totally safe, as is Colombia on the whole. But if you do have concerns about traveling to Colombia, just get in touch with one of our trip planners—they’ll design the perfect itinerary for you, complete with expert local tips on how to be smart and stay safe. Don’t let the myths trick you out of your trip to Medellin; traveling in Colombia simply requires the same sense of awareness as traveling anywhere else.

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