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10 Awesome Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

Updated September 17, 2023

Tokyo is a dynamic place during the day. But guys. It’s something else entirely once the sun goes down. With so much to choose from ( amusement parks to spooky tours to world-class sushi), we’ve put together ten of the most awesome things to do in Tokyo at night. Any questions? Send us a message!

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#1: Enjoy Tokyo’s delicious late-night eats

It’s a no brainer that some of the best things to do in Tokyo include FOOD. At night, this is especially true.

Eating sushi is one of the things to do in Tokyo at night in Japan

  • Sushi: Some of the best sushi in the world is found in Tokyo. Treat yourself at the famous Jiro sushi or check out the more budget-friendly (and fun!) kaiten sushi—aka sushi delivered by conveyor belt.
  • Ramen: Ramen is huge in Japan, and it’s the ultimate drunk food. Make sure to chow down!
  • Crazy restaurants: Feeling wild? Eating at one of Tokyo’s famous themed restaurants is a crazy-fun thing to do in Japan. The electric and colorful Robot Restaurant is one of the most awesome (and delicious).
  • Local flavor: For the most authentic culinary experience, definitely talk to a Tokyo local about their favorite restaurants.

Pro tip: French food is surprisingly awesome in Japan. So if you *feel* like topping off dinner with a macaron, you definitely can.

#2: Karaoke your heart out

It’s Tokyo—so you know there’s going to be a killer karaoke scene. Tokyo, is, after all, the karaoke capital of the world!

Singing karaoke is one of the things to do in Tokyo at night in Japan

Most places will charge a fee that includes *unlimited* karaoke and a certain number of drinks, so get your liquid courage going—it’s time to expand your audience beyond your shower. Seriously though—spending the night in a Karaoke bar is one of the coolest things to do in Tokyo. Since there are so many karaoke bars in the city, get some advice from a Tokyo trip planner to know which to hit up first.

#3: Get crazy in Shibuya

One of the biggest draws in Shibuya is the world-famous Shibuya crossing. The busiest crosswalk in the world, more than two thousand people cross at peak times—and yet it works! With the glow of traffic lights and buildings nearby (think Times Square) the almost-effortless synchronization of so many people is almost magical.  is even cooler at night.

Aside from crossing the street (which you may want to do two or three times), the Shibuya district ranks among the most exciting in Tokyo. What is there to do in Shibuya? You name it!

Shibuya Crossing Things to do in Toky...

  • Shibuya Hikarie Observatory: Once you’ve enjoyed the thrill of rushing across the famous crosswalk, check it out from above! The Shibuya Hikarie Observatory is free and the view is pretty priceless.
  • Wander to Drunkard Alley: You may have already guessed—this one involves drinking. But Drunkard Alley is about more than getting tanked—it's about exploring the 50-or-so bars that are crammed in two tiny parallel alleyways. When we say tiny, we mean it! Most bars here only fit four or five people.
  • Go shopping in the Omotesandō district: This is like Tokyo’s Champs Elysees—the district is filled with high-class brands and stores, which makes it a shopper’s paradise. While in the area, check out the Museum of Modern Art (yes, same as NYC), where MoMA has a branch focused on design.
  • Check out the art scene: Speaking of art, Shibuya is an excellent place to enjoy the Tokyo art scene. Not only are there a ton of great galleries, but there’s also a stunning street art scene as well.
    • Pro tip: resist the temptation to add a tag of your own: tourists have been arrested for this.
  • Club it up: With tons of clubs within walking distance from Shibuya Station, going out in this part of town is a cinch. Chat with a local to help choose a club you’ll love, and check out some of our favorites including Sound Museum Vision and Club Asia.

#4: Indulge in Tokyo’s great nightlife

Nightlife Things to do in Tokyo Japan...

And speaking of Shibuya, Tokyo is one of the best cities to visit in Japan because of its insanely awesome nightlife. There’s something for every type of person. Some highlights:

  • Japan’s craft beer scene: Even if you aren’t in town for Tokyo’s Oedo Beer Festival, you can still indulge in Japan’s exciting craft beer scene. For beer fans, Beer Club Popeye is the place to go. Craft Beer Bar IBrew is also a popular spot.
  • Wild nightclubs: There are a ton of great nightclubs in Tokyo. Ageha is one of the favorites in town. Both Contact and Vent are known for their world-class sound systems. Party it up! You won’t lack for choices.
  • Izakaya Hopping (bar crawl, baby!): There are tons of little alleyways in Tokyo that are crammed with Izakaya (basically Japanese pubs). They’re great places to sample a lot of sake and enjoy local food. Have a Tokyo trip planner find you an Izakaya Hopping tour, or simply ask them for their favorite spots.
  • Find a fancy cocktail: Get thee to Ginza, an upscale part of Tokyo, for some of the best cocktails in town. Ginza 300 Bar Next offers over 150 different cocktails. At Little Smith, cocktail connaisseurs can ask for a custom cocktail. And High Five was recently named one of the world’s best bars.

Pro tip: this is a good time to mention that while Uber exists in Japan, it is rare and expensive and hardly used. Don’t fret! Classic taxis are everywhere. And here’s another tip for travel in Tokyo: download the Hyperdia app to make using the metro easy.

#5: Catch a ballgame at the Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Things to do in Tokyo at N...

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but it’s also HUGE in Japan. And Tokyo is the place to catch a game. Have a local trip planner help you buy tickets for a game at the Tokyo Dome, where you can cheer on the Yomiuri Giants—one of the best-known Japanese teams.

Let’s plaaaaaay ball!! (プレーボール!! Er, definitely ask your trip planner for pronunciation tips).

Pro tip: In another direction, check out a sumo match. It’s a classic must-do while you’re in Tokyo. Since the highest ranked sumo wrestlers meet around 6 PM, it’s also a great nighttime activity!

#6: Relive your childhood at Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disneyland Things to do in Toky...

Among all the wonderful destinations in Tokyo, there is one *especially* magical place. Yup! Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most fun places to go in Tokyo.

Only about fifteen minutes from downtown Tokyo, there are tons of great rides, foods, and plenty to explore, even for people who spent *every* vacation at Disneyland as a child. Plus it’s open until 10 PM, which means that visitors can squeeze in a few hours of post-sundown enchantment.

#7: Check out the incredible Shinjuku district

The Shinjuku district in Tokyo deserves a space on any Tokyo itinerary, as there are literally thousands of things to do here. And as Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world, you can feel confident exploring this exciting part of town.

Golden Gai Things to do in Tokyo at N...

Some highlights include:

  • Spectacular city views: Ascend to the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for a spectacular view of this vibrant district.
  • Bar hop in Golden Gai: With over 200 tiny bars crammed onto this block in Shinjuku, bar hopping is a breeze! Bars that welcome foreigners will have signs in English—but some are just for locals—so make sure to get some local tips before you go!
  • Revel in rare whiskey: Japan is known for its crazy good whiskey, so check out Zoetrope to sample some of the 300 whiskeys on the shelf.
  • Play ball: Of course you can watch baseball in Japan. OR you can play at the real thing—by checking out the all-night batting cages in Shinjuku.
  • Catch a midnight show: The Shinjuku Wald 9 movie theater has showtimes that stretch way late into the night. Just be sure to check if the movie has been dubbed!

#8: Satisfy your late night cravings with crazy Japanese candy

Japanese Candy Things to do in Tokyo ...

Japanese candy is delicious and crazy fun. You’ll recognize some brands, but with so many awesome unique flavors there’s still plenty to explore. Find some wasabi Kit Kats (or one of the other 299 Japanese Kit Kat flavors), birthday cake Oreos, sushi Lays, or...well, we’ll let you discover it for yourself.

Plus there are tons of Japanese candies you probably can’t find elsewhere. Whatever you pick, make sure to get some extra snacks to bring home from Japan!

#9: Get creepy on a ghost tour

Haunted Tokyo Things to do in Tokyo a...

Tokyo may feel like a city from the future, but it’s actually brimming with reminders of its rich history and deep spirituality. Ghost tours are amazing because they cast light on a part of Tokyo that’s often overlooked.

Book a tour through a group like the Haunted Tokyo Tour to learn about the ghosts and goblins that also call Tokyo home. Take the day tour if you’re scared, or book the night tour (starting at 7 PM) for a creepy start to a crazy Tokyo night.

#10: Sleep Japanese-style in a Capsule Hotel or Ryokan

Just because the night is winding down does not mean the adventure has to stop. Bedtime offers another chance to explore.

spend the night capsule hotel 10 Awesome Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

Here’s the thing to do in Tokyo: book a night at either a capsule hotel (which is exactly what it sounds like and a great option for keeping under budget) or make reservations at a Ryokan—basically a super cool traditional inn that also provides meals.

Night owls, rejoice! Some of the best things to do in Japan can be found in Tokyo at night. From delicious food to awesome activities, Tokyo’s night scene is not to be missed. For a truly incredible night in Tokyo, get the help of a Tokyo trip planner. They’ll help build a custom itinerary and will be available to help if you run into issues Questions? Send us a message!


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