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Everything You Need to Know about Condesa, Mexico City

Updated September 11, 2023

When it comes to cool, Condesa knows what’s up. This Mexico City neighborhood has it all—dogs! tacos! craft beer!—and it effortlessly maintains its mantle as Mexico City’s coolest spot. Below, we get into what makes Condesa so incredibly chill, from its awesome activities to its stellar nightlife and unreal accommodations. 

Condesa is cool—and the world knows it. Guidebooks send tourists to all the same places, so to experience Condesa like a local, connect with someone who actually lives there. Why see Mexico City like a tourist when you could see it like a local? Learn more

Condesa: Quick Facts

Sandwiched between Chapultepec Park to the west and Roma to the east, Condesa has its finger on the pulse of what makes Mexico City so dynamic. It’s one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City if you’re hoping to spend your days wandering tree-lined boulevards, shopping in hip boutiques, and enjoying proximity to many of Mexico City’s top attractions

Condesa’s dynamic mix of architecture—from art deco to colonial revival to modern—gives the neighborhood an exciting, cosmopolitan look, matched only by the trendy young professionals who call Condesa home. As a whole, Mexico City is safe, and Condesa is considered one of the safest neighborhoods to stay. 

Things to do in Condesa 

A fun thing to do in Condesa Mexico City is visit with the dogs of Parque Mexico
Condesa dogs in Parque Mexico | Carl Campbell/Flickr

Condesa is chill, man. It’s where to stay in Mexico City if you’re looking for an authentic experience over visiting all the big Mexico City tourist attractions. See what locals say about the best stuff to do in the neighborhood, but definitely: 

  • Pet dogs at Parque Mexico: We all love dogs, and Parque Mexico is full of them. Not only is this leafy boulevard a great place to visit in Mexico City (and a gentle respite from the city’s bustle) but it’s a fave spot for Condesa’s canine population. 
  • Go boutique-hopping: Condesa is packed with incredible boutiques, and exploring the retail options is a good way to see the neighborhood. We love SOHO Condesa and VOID, but definitely see what locals say about the best neighborhood places to shop. 
  • Spend lazy afternoons at a cafe: Like it’s neighbor, Roma, Condesa has a hoppin’ coffee scene. People watch, sip good coffee, and gear up for whatever the day holds. 
  • Explore Chapultepec Park: Mosey out of the neighborhood to explore the eastern edge of Chapultepec Park, one of the most incredible (and certainly interactive) landmarks in Mexico City. After a night out in Condesa, unwinding at Chapultepec may be just what you need. 
  • Indulge in some craft beer: Condesa is one of Mexico City’s best neighborhoods for going out, so you might as well explore some of the local flavor—specifically, locally brewed craft beers. We love spending an evening at Cerveza Cosaco. And as for other Mexico City nightlife activities? Just ask your local for suggestions

What to Eat in Condesa

Condesa in Mexico City has tons of dining options
Tacos in Condesa | T.Tseng/Flickr

From amazing brunches to mouthwatering tacos, Condesa doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the best time of the day (mealtime!). It’s one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City if you want to be able to grab some incredible brunch, high-end coffee, and authentic Mexican fare all in the same day. 

  • Breakfast: What’s the coolest meal of the day? Brunch. So obviously Condessa is ripe with brunch choices. We especially love Chiquitito Cafe for their outdoor tables—sipping good coffee and watching the world wake up? Si, por favor
  • Lunch: The question of where to eat in Mexico City usually ends with tacos. It’s a delicious must while you’re in town. In Condesa, check out the taco stands at the Chilpancingo metro stop. Trust us—they’re delicious. 
  • Dinner: It’s true that Polanco, across the park from Condesa, is better known for famous restaurants. But you don’t need to leave the barrio for a great dinner. Check out Cantina El Centenario for an authentic Mexican meal. 

Where to Stay in Condesa: Hotels, Airbnbs, and More

Condesa in Mexico City offers tons of lodging options
Hotel Maria Condesa | Courtesy of Hotel Maria Condesa/Booking.com

When it comes to the best places to stay in Mexico City, Condesa offers a generous selection of lodging options. Whether you’re looking for luxe boutique B&Bs or more budget-friendly hotels, you’ll find it in Condesa. 

If you’re looking for an awesome boutique hotel (and are willing to spend a few more pesos) Hotel Maria Condesa is an absolutely incredible spot. It’s where to stay in Mexico City if you want to combine comfort with cool, luxury with à la mode. (Hello, some rooms have bathroom saunas. Need we say more?) 

For much less, you can find options like the uber-cool Red Treehouse—which, for less than $100/night, offers guests a tiny penthouse with a private terrace. Basically heaven for solo travelers to Mexico City


To get the most out of your time in Mexico City’s coolest neighborhood, connect with a local for help planning your trip. They know Condesa so much better than any guidebook—and since places like Condesa are filled with hidden gems that are way too cool for Lonely Planet, you’d be missing out on the *real* Mexico City if you didn’t. Learn more.


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