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Mexico City’s Roma Neighborhood: The 2024 Guide

Updated September 17, 2023

Mexico City’s hipster-fabulous Roma neighborhood is absolutely magical—so much so, in fact, that the city designated it a “barrio mágico” in 2011! Below, we’ll show you exactly what makes this neighborhood so magnificent. Read on to learn to where to eat, where to stay, and what to do in Roma, Mexico City.

For a truly authentic experience in Roma, have a Mexico City local plan your trip. With their help, you’ll be able to experience Mexico City like a local—not like a tourist. Learn more.

Roma: Quick Facts

Colorful Roma is the hipster heart of Mexico City. Just west of Centro Historico and hugging the eastern edge of the Condesa neighborhood, Roma is the perfect place to stay in if you’re looking to shop at cute boutiques, sip incredibly good coffee, and enjoy close proximity to many of Mexico City’s biggest attractions

Originally a neighborhood for Mexico City’s upper-class, Roma fell on hard times after the 1985 earthquake. Happily, the neighborhood has enjoyed a recent renaissance—locals love Roma’s combination of art deco mansions, colorful street art, and, of course, the neighborhood’s hipster vibe. Most of Mexico City is safe, and Roma is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in town. 

Where to eat in Roma

Mercado Roma Roma Mexico City
Mercado Roma | Nan Palmero/Flickr

Roma’s colorful creativity extends to its culinary scene, so you can bet that Roma has some great spots for an incredible meal. These are some of the neighborhood’s must-try stops—but get advice from someone who actually lives in Mexico City for information on all the local favorites. 

The best places to eat in Roma:

For everything: The ultra-hip Mercado Roma solidifies Roma’s reputation as one of Mexico City’s best neighborhoods for foodies. Vendors sell everything from craft beer to cheese to churros—all of which can be enjoyed on the public rooftop. 

For classic Mexican fare: If you’re wondering where to eat in Mexico City for the classic combination of tacos and tequila, look no further than El Parnita. This Roma establishment is extraordinarily popular, so ask your local trip planner to help make reservations. 

For vegetarians: Hipsters love Roma. And they love vegetarian options. So it’s no surprise that some of Mexico City’s best vegetarian spots can be found in Roma. Los Loosers is a local favorite, offering Japanese-Mexican fusion dishes.  

For coffee: Speaking of hipsters, Roma has some of the best coffee in town. Visit Quentin Cafe for excellent java, and surprising coffee combos like espresso and tonic.

Things to do in Roma 

If you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Mexico City for hidden gems and unique experiences, Roma is an excellent choice. Some of Mexico City's best museums are nestled in Roma, like the bizarrely cool Museo del Objeto del Objeto (a museum of everyday objects—sounds mundane, but it works). 

Roma is also packed with great non-touristy things to do, like street art tours, amazing art galleries, and some of the city’s best bookstores. We especially love the delightful Cafebrería El Péndulo, where you can also grab a snack alongside your new books.

Plus, Roma is close to many of Mexico City’s best places to visit. It’s easy to zip over to neighboring Condesa, head north to Centro Historico, or even cross the magnificent Chapultepec Park to explore the Polanco neighborhood. Basically, Roma offers the perfect combo of authenticity and easy access to many of Mexico City’s best landmarks and sights.  

Pro tip: Given Roma’s recent rush of popularity, definitely ask your local for advice on what to do in Roma. Roma is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Mexico City—and tourists know it. Locals can give you the inside scoop so you’ll be able to avoid the cliche crowds. 

Where to Stay in Roma 

La Valise Roma Mexico City
La Valise | Courtesy of La Valise/Booking.com

You’ll find accommodations for every budget in Roma, but it’s definitely is one of the best barrios in Mexico City for out-of-this-world lodging. The Nima Local House is a practical palace and the wildly cool La Valise Hotel is incredible—but these options will put a dent in your wallet.

If you are looking to save some pesos, consider the Stanza Hotel. For only about $60/night, staying at the Stanza means you’ll have plenty of room in your budget left for excellent coffee, craft beer, and shopping. Whatever you decide, get some local insight on where in Roma to stay.


There’s a lot to love about Roma—and the secret is out. If you want to spend your days exploring hidden gems and enjoying local haunts (and not sharing a table with the TripAdvisor crowd) connect with a Mexico City local for help planning your trip. They’ll tell you all about the stuff that locals do—which means you’ll see Mexico City like local, not a tourist. Learn more.


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